The Most Important Space in Your Home

I'm sure nobody is surprised to hear this, but in my opinion, my bedroom is the most important space for me to decorate. It has always been my goal to create an area that's relaxing and shows a bit more of my personality. Whether it's a sassy lamp, a fun piece of artwork, it's some place where my guests won't be. Growing up, I always loved the fact that my bedroom was my own. My mom gave me the freedom to make my room how I wanted it, so I took that freedom and ran. I got to paint the walls any crazy color I wanted (I literally had bright pink and green walls for years), pick out polka dot bedding, and put tons of decorative pillows on my bed. While I still haven't gotten over the decorative pillow phase, I've been able to do the same thing but now in my own place. While I kind of feel like every room in my apartment is mine now, I still put extra special care in picking out items for my bedroom.

Check out some of the my favorite pieces below that would turn any room into the most lovely space in your home.

Home Sweet Home

I have come to that point where I'm designing my first apartment and it has been such a fun process for me. I have discovered that I love it so much that I want to share my findings and inspiration with you through this page. Whether you're moving into your first one-bedroom apartment (like me), or putting the finishing touches on your dream home, I hope you find some inspiration from any piece I post on this page. I've linked a few of my current favorites below, most of which are very similar to what I've picked out for my new apartment!

What are your favorite home decor stores? Let me know!