A Little About Me


I am an ambitious 22 year old who graduated from Miami University in May 2017. As I enter the "real world" and begin life on my own as a full-time working woman, I can't help but share my journey.

I started this blog to share my San Francisco, CA adventures (during a semester long Spring 2016 Digital Innovation Program), along with other moments, ideas, and finds.  Here, you will find some insight into my world, life lessons, inspiration, and tips.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog.  Truly, I welcome your questions, comments, and messages.  Check back often to follow along as I continue my journey.

I hope you come back soon. :)


Collaborate with Me

I am eager to connect about career, collaboration, advertising, and sponsorship opportunities.  I am also very open to mentoring and guidance from experienced bloggers and industry contacts, as I build my blog presence.

If you are interested in connecting on these topics, please contact me via email: courtneynicolereimers@gmail.com.